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Legacy VM Setup Information

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2014 12:12PM EST

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These instructions are for the archived labs. They do not apply to currently active labs. Current VM instructions are available in each lab.

The Virtual Box environment allows you to have everything you need for executing the labs on your local computer. The instructions for configuring a local lab environment with Virtual Box are explained in the Install VirtualBox and general VM information section below. The following figure represents the network that is used in many of our labs.

THA Network Diagram

Hacker Academy Network Diagram

Install VirtualBox and General VM Information

Wondering if you have the most recent version of the Virtual Machines? Check the Revision number! All new VM updates will include a file indicating the revision number. If a revision number is shown on the md5sums or sha1sums list, but your version doesn't have it, you are due for an update!

VirtualBox is the key to running each of the appliances and your primary toolkit for the labs. If you need access to the documentation to VirtualBox, click here!

In order to run VirtualBox on your machine, you need:

  • Reasonably powerful x86 hardware. Any recent Intel or AMD processor should do.
  • Memory/Hard disk space. Each VM listed below will show the required RAM and Hard disk space.
  • A supported host operating system. Presently, VirtualBox supports Windows (XP and later), many Linux distributionsMac OS XSolaris and OpenSolaris. [Links are to the direct download, other than Linux distributions. Main VirtualBox download page is here.]
  • A supported guest operating system. [Provided by THA.]

Each of the VMs required for a particular lab will be linked in the "VM Downloads" section (off to the right). If you've already downloaded a particular VM (for example BackTrack) on a prior lab, you shouldn't need to re-download it for the next one that requires it.

The MD5 and SHA1 checksums for all of the downloads are available in the Resources section on the right side of this lab.

Mac OS X Users: Please be aware, due to size limitations in the native Mac OS X unzip utilities, StuffIt is required to process large zip files.

THA BackTrack VM

This is our default machine used in most of the labs. It is a simple Backtrack Linux machine that is has some special changes made to it, creating a user friendly lab environment. THA BackTrack VM contains most of the  software needed to perform most of the course work.

  • VirtualBox VM Network Settings
    • eth0: Internal Network - Enabled on boot - IP Address:
    • eth1: NAT - Enabled on boot - IP Address: DHCP
    Default Username and Password
    • User: root
    • Password: toor
    THA Network Emulator Requirements
    • 128MB of RAM
    • 12MB of video memory
    • 2GB of storage space

THA Vulnerable Client

THA Vulnerable Client is a target of choice for several Cutting Edge labs. This VM is a Linux client that has some vulnerable software installed on it and will be used as a general client side target when Windows is not specified.

  • VM Network Settings
    • eth0: Internal Network - Enabled on boot - IP Address:
    Default Username and Password
    • User: user
    • Password: password
    THA Vulnerable Server System Requirements
    • 256MB of RAM
    • 12MB of video memory
    • 8GB of storage space

THA Gateway

THA Gateway is used to bridge internal lab networks with the internet. It acts as a target in the ARP and Intro to Ettercap lab.

  • VM Network Settings THA Metasploitable VM System Requirements
    • en0: NAT - Enabled on boot - IP Address: DHCP
    • en1: Internal Network - Enabled on boot - IP Address:
    • 128MB of RAM
    • 12MB of video memory
    • 8GB of storage space


How to set up your VMs

Once all the VMs have been downloaded, it's time to set up the VMs in VirtualBox!

  1. ​​Calculate the Checksum of the zip file downloaded and compare to the md5sums or sha1sums file to make sure that the VM zip file has been unaltered. Do this by finding and using the SHA1 or MD5 calculator of your choice.
  2. Unzip the zip file to your hard drive.
  3. Open the file that you unzipped and click the  the .vbox icon (e.g. THA Backtrack.vbox) and verify that it appears in the VirtualBox UI.

How to log into THA Backtrack and begin your labs

  1. Click the THA Backtrack icon in your VirtualBox interface.
  2. Once the machine is booted, enter the username and password.
  3. Now start the GUI by typing "startx" and start your lab!

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